Find Duplicates


Learn how to find duplicate values and highlight duplicate rows in Excel using conditional formatting through useful examples! How to find duplicates in Excel You can use a few easy steps to find and highlight duplicate values in Excel. But, first, let us see how it works. 1. Select data, in this case, C2:E12 2. … Read more

Color Scales

color scales in excel

Color scales in Excel are similar to Data Bars. Get a quick overview of your data! The shade of the color represents the value in the cell. Before taking a deep dive, you should know: What is the difference between color scales and data bars? Data bars represent the relationship between value and colors through … Read more

Icon Sets

icon sets excel

Icon sets in Excel are effective tools for us to visualize values in a range of cells easily. Each icon represents a range of values. Execute the following steps if you want to add an icon set, shape, or indicator. Steps to add Icons sets We will use traffic light style shapes: green, yellow, and … Read more

Data Bars

data bars in Excel

Data bars in Excel make it easy to highlight values in a range of cells. A longer bar represents a higher value. A shorter in-cell bar chart represents a lower value. Get a quick overview of highs and lows! If you’re not using specific rules or conditions in your data range or cells, then data … Read more

Screen Tips for Excel Reports

In this article, we’ll show you how to build interactive screen tips for your Excel reports. A great user guide is a key element if you want to enhance the user experience (UX). The most important function of the interactive screen tips is to tell your story at a higher level using an excel dashboard. … Read more

Create a Scroll Bar in Excel

how to create a scroll bar in Excel

The scroll bar in Excel is one of the most useful tools in Form Controls. Using it will save time and get more space if you are using it. The most significant advantage comes when you work with a large data set. You can manage any size list in a small area using scroll bars. … Read more

Interactive Settings Menu for Dashboards

Interactive Settings Menu

If you are working on an Excel dashboard, it is worth creating great-looking navigation. Everyone loves great UX! In today’s guide, I will show you how to build an interactive settings menu for your spreadsheet. Take a close look at the picture below! Take a closer look at the picture below! This simple menu lets … Read more

25 Actionable Tips for Excel Tables

excel tables tutorial

Use Excel Tables to simplify your work! Learn how to create dynamic ranges, easy-to-read formulas using a table. In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to add new data to a range or how to manage Tables. Keep your formulas ready for auditing! This guide provides useful tricks and examples. Fundamentals of Excel Tables In this … Read more

How to remove duplicates in Excel


Learn how to find, filter, and remove duplicates in Excel using quick and creative methods. If you are working with large data tables, it’s helpful to find unique values or remove duplicate values. Our goal is to show you how to use Excel’s built-in data cleansing tools to find unique values in single or multiple … Read more

Quick Analysis Tool

how to use quick analysis tool in Excel

Excel’s Quick Analysis Tool is the easiest way to analyze your data instantly using different tools (Formatting, Charts, Totals, Tables, or sparklines)

How to Create a Heat Map in Excel

heat map excel

Use a heat map in Excel to create quick data visualizations! Today’s guide will be about how to build maps using conditional formatting. What is a heat map? A Heat Map is a perfect solution to highlight the crucial data points in a table or a range. Let us see a simple example: You have … Read more

Data connections

excel data sources

How to use external data connections in Excel? Today’s tutorial is all about data import (SQL, CSV, and XML) and managing data sources. Stay with us! We rarely store databases and a large amount of raw data in Excel worksheets. The main reason for this is that Excel was not made for this. Use external … Read more