Gauge Chart

how to create a gauge chart in excel

Learn how to create a gauge Chart in Excel! It is a combination chart: a doughnut that displays the zones, and a pie section indicates the actual value.

Sales Funnel Chart


Create a sales funnel chart in Excel to tell a story from the first call to the completed purchase and track the process using a pipeline.

Plan Actual Variance Chart


The Excel Plan Actual Variance Chart lets you display the monthly variance using custom data visualization.

Interactive Chart Tooltips

interactive chart tooltips excel

Would you like to see some great interactive chart tooltips In Excel? With the help of these, the chart speaks for itself.

Sankey Diagram

Sankey Diagram Excel Generator

Sankey Diagram in Excel provides detailed, multi-level flows of values between categories to tell a data-driven story using data visualization.

Hyperlink rollover chart

hyperlink rollover chart excel

Learn how to create a dynamic chart using the hyperlink rollover effect with the mouse hover method in Excel.

Waterfall Chart

waterfall chart excel

Excel waterfall chart (bridge chart) shows how a start value is raised and reduced, leading to a final result.

Pareto Chart template

pareto chart template in excel

The Pareto Chart uses bar graphs to show the relative portion of each factor to the total and identify the most significant factor.

Progress Bar – Score Meter Chart

progress bar score meter chart final

The Excel Progress Bar (or score meter chart) is a stacked bar-based graph that displays a single variable on a percentage or quality scale.

Bubble Chart

how to create bubble chart in Excel

Learn how to create a custom bubble chart based on a scatter plot in Excel to visualize your data over time.