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This page is dedicated to extending Excel application functionality.

DataFX – User-defined function library

Using user-defined functions (UDFs) enables you to apply quick operations in Microsoft Excel. In one place, powerful text functions for data cleansing, advanced lookup, and information functions.

The library supports the XLOOKUP function for ALL Excel versions. Furthermore, you can find new functions even if you are using Microsoft 365. Don’t hesitate and download the utility.

user-defined functions library for Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Microsoft365

The add-in uses the Intellisense Excel-DNA framework that provides native tooltips for user-defined functions. If you want to look at the categories, you can use the function browser.

DataFX is an Excel add-in that contains 190+ robust and high-performance user-defined functions. Create easy-to-read formulas and speed up your work! Our mission is to help you to simplify complex Excel tasks using custom Excel functions.

DataFX is free, and we will invest even more developer hours and energy in improving the add-in and keeping it free forever. If you find the add-in useful, please share it on social media channels to support the development. We appreciate your help!

If you want to learn more about the integrated functions, don’t hesitate to look at the PDF files containing useful examples.

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Excel Chart Add-ins

We love Excel data visualization tools and dashboards! We strongly recommend our chart add-in to build custom charts and graphs and improve your presentation.

Ultimate Dashboard Tools (Chart Add-in for Windows and Mac)

Dashboard Tools for Excel

UDT is our flagship! The add-in enables you to create stunning charts and live widgets for Windows and Mac.

Category: Commercial

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Org Chart Add-in

Organizational Chart Builder creates great org charts using raw data. If you are in HR, it is a must-have plugin! Place your raw data and create a structure with a single click.

Category: FREE

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DataXL Productivity Suite

DataXL dramatically increases your productivity. You can use various time-saving tools, like data cleansing tools.

dataxl add-in

List of the most important features:

  • Text manipulation tools
  • Range functions
  • Workbook and Worksheet functions
  • Sheet manager
  • Live calendar
  • Layout manager
  • Precedents and Dependents checker

Category: FREE