About Us

Istvan Vozar is the co-founder at Excelkid. He writes blog posts full-time and enjoys creating content that helps people to improve their Excel skills. You can find the details through LinkedIn here. Check the fast-growing company here.

Who we are

We are a small but dedicated team of content creators, designers, and developers. We do our best to produce high-quality educational content for our users every day. At Excelkid.com, we are strongly committed to making your Excel skills better.


We love Excel, and we have fun doing it

Our story began in 2013; we launched our blog – Excel Dashboard School – and started working with developers and designers who shared their passion, data visualization. After a few years of development, we released our data visualization add-in, Ultimate Dashboard Tools, in 2017.

Unfortunately, the first domain name was not a good pick, and entirely restructuring a website is always a mammoth task. So, we have decided to start a brand new Excel hub with powerful and fresh content; Excelkid.com.

Let the adventure begin.

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