Core values

core values

At, we try to improve your Excel skills. We believe in collaboration, sharing knowledge, and making work fun!

Our core values

Excel is growing, and more and more people use it every day. As it grows, it changes. Frequently. We educate small business owners, Excel developers, beginner and intermediate Excel users by providing useful knowledge.

Sharing knowledge

We believe that sharing Excel knowledge is necessary. When we receive feedback (good or bad), it allows us to improve our work and make the site better. We are developing open-source software, like DataXL Office Productivity Suite.

Work should be fun

Excelkid started as a hobby – a YouTube channel and some basic articles -, as something fun. It’s easy to create great content and tutorials: we keep on investing in a positive working environment.

Money is matter, but it does not come first

One of our core values: Users first. Yes, we need to make money to do all the things we want to do. Making money is a good thing in itself, but it should never be the only reason for a certain decision.

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