At Excelkid.com, we believe that free Excel training and quality learning materials should be for everyone. We believe in creating custom add-ins, useful dashboards, and free software for everyone. We keep our mission in mind in everything that we do.

The history of Excelkid

We have to go back in time! We began building advanced Excel add-ins in 2013 because we strongly believed that everyone could benefit from the core Excel knowledge.

As a true Excel fan, we could translate our VBA knowledge and technical Excel skills into a useful Excel data visualization add-in.

Providing free online courses

We have several additional online courses – completely free of charge. We feel everyone, regardless of the amount of money they have or people they know, should be able to create awesome dashboards.

That’s why we now offer free online training like:

What’s next?

In addition, we continue to tweak and improve our data visualization add-in, and we’re writing more and more articles about Excel.

Learn more about us.