Product Metrics Dashboard Template

product metrics dashboard template excel

Use a Product Metrics Dashboard Template in Excel to track and monitor your sales performance by years, regions, and sales representative.

Free Excel Maps and Templates

free map templates in excel

Create free map templates in Excel! Just put your data in, and the editable template will visualize your data automatically!

Social Media Dashboard Template

how to use a social media dashboard template - KPI version

In Excel, social media dashboard templates are essential for tracking your Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Reddit activity.

Sales Funnel Dashboard Template

sales funnel dashboard template

The sales funnel is a visual guide that tells a story from the first call to the completed purchase and tracks the process using a pipeline!

HR KPI Scorecard

hr kpi scorecard excel template

Our goal is to support HR departments that use KPIs to optimize main processes, recruiting through an HR KPI Scorecard.

Call Center Performance Dashboard


Excel Dashboards are great for tracking call center performance. Take a closer look at this KPI template and download the practice file.