Project Management Excel Templates

In this article, you’ll discover the best free project management templates in Excel that you can edit and download.

The bundle will help you track the actual status of the project.

Furthermore, you can manage risks and communicate progress for your team members and project owners.

What are you waiting for? Browse and download useful free project management templates.

Project Management Templates

Project Management Excel Templates play an essential role in project planning and the project tracking phase. Turn your data into easy-to-read graphics using data visualization.

This is the best way to show and share the project’s actual status without taking a deep dive into the details.

Can Excel be used for project management? Yes, project managers can use Excel in several ways to track and manage your projects. Discover our 22 useful and free downloadable project management templates. Each template is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel.

Gantt Chart Project Planner Template

Using the Gantt chart Excel template, you can plan and track project activities. The template uses a Gantt chart for project planning to create a quick overview. You need to add only a few data: dates, duration of the task.

Project Planner uses periods for intervals. For example, start = 1 is period 1, and duration = 5 means the project spans 5 periods starting from the start period. Enter data starting in B5 to update the chart.

Gantt Chart Project Planner Template

You can manage different activities using the Gantt chart and focus on your selected stage.

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Project Activity Template

The project activity template will take an overview of the planning and scheduling phase. Switch between the ‘Project’ and ‘HR’ views! Have you too many tasks at the same time? No problem, you can reassign the human resources. We are using conditional formatting to create the heat map.

project activity template

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Critical Path Method (CPM) Template

Critical Path Method (CPM) gets an overview for project managers to check which tasks are critical and which tasks are in late.

Critical Path Method Excel Template

At first, this template helps you to define the required tasks and build a sorted list. After that, create a Gantt chart to show the relationships between tasks. Last but not least, find the critical and non-critical paths! As a result, resolve the predicted completion time for each task. You can find more on Vertex42.

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Issue Tracker Template

If you are looking for a simple issue tracking template, we recommend our one-page spreadsheet. The reusable template contains the following columns: ID, issue, type, priority, open and close dates.


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Project Risk Template

In this project management example, the project risk template uses an average ranking to get the final score. This is a priority list that is set by the relative ranking of the risks. Risk is any unexpected event that affects the main project. In the example, you can choose three flags for risk: high, medium, and low.

project risk template

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Project Timeline Template

If you are using a project timeline template, the project control will be easy. Create milestone events and show the activities in a given period.

project management timeline template


Project Tracker

Manage, track, and update your project details using this project tracker template. The tracker can be useful to show and track each task’s progress against the plan. However, our Gantt chart template-based tool is the best choice if you can manage sub-tasks using a single Worksheet.

project tracker example


Project Budget Template

The goal of the project budget template is to compare the target values with actual values. As usual, you can edit the template according to your needs.

project budget template

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Project Timesheet Template

It is easy to calculate the differences between finish time and start time. Use the =MOD(‘finish time’-‘start time’,1)*24 formula to convert the gap into hours. Project timesheets are an essential part of the business. Track your employee’s work hours, sick days, overtime hours, and save your money. The spreadsheet (examples are on this post) can help you accurately track time without using boring paperwork.

project timesheet template excel


Project Management Dashboard Template

Dashboard and data visualization plays an important role if you are a project member or owner. Use this spreadsheet to overview the status of your project! Think out of the box and drill down the data for the team members. Extract and share your project details quickly! Don’t forget: Gantt chart is your friend!

project dashboard template

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