GROUPBY Function

groupby function excel examples

The Excel GROUPBY function allows you to group, aggregate, sort, and filter data based on the fields you specify.

INRANGE function

INRANGE function

The Excel INRANGE function checks if a specific value or a range exists within another range and returns a boolean value, TRUE or FALSE.

COMPARE function

Excel COMPARE Function

Use the Excel COMPARE function to compare two lists or ranges and extract values based on different aspects.

COUNTX function

COUNTX Excel function

The COUNTX function supports the “Count cells that contain”-type searches and helps you to write short, easy-to-understand formulas.

COUNTTEXT function

counttext function in Excel

Use the Excel COUNTTEXT function to count cells that contain one or more text values instead of using the built-in COUNTIF function.

BETWEEN function

excel between function examples

The Excel BETWEEN function finds values within a given range and provides useful optional arguments to count, sum, or average values.

COLUMN function

column function excel

The Excel COLUMN function returns the column number, and the result is a cell reference. Learn more about the function.

CHOOSE Function


The Excel CHOOSE function allows you to select a value from a larger set of options by adding an index of the value you want to retrieve.

ADDRESS Function

address function

The Excel ADDRESS function generates a cell address. The result is the row and column number in text format.


GETLASTWORD function Excel

The GETLASTWORD user-defined function in Excel extracts the last word from a cell that contains a text string.



The SUMVISIBLE function is compatible with all Microsoft Excel versions and replaces the SUBTOTAL function.

User-defined functions

user defined functions examples for excel

User-defined functions in Excel, also known as UDFs, are powerful custom functions that provide solutions for advanced tasks.