SWITCH Function

excel switch function

The Excel SWITCH function evaluates an expression against a list of values and returns a result corresponding to the first matching value. If there is no match, SWITCH returns an optional, user-defined value. Syntax, Arguments, return value The SWITCH function matches multiple values, returns the first match, and appears in Excel 2019. Syntax: =SWITCH (expression, … Read more

IFERROR Function

excel iferror function

The Excel IFERROR function returns a user-defined, custom value when the embedded formula generates an error. Otherwise, it returns the standard formula result. Using IFERROR is an effective method to identify and handle formula errors. However, you must use more complex statements (for example, the IF function) without error-handling functions. The purpose of using IFERROR … Read more

TODAY Function

today function excel examples

The Excel TODAY function returns the current date and auto-updates the value when changing or opening the Workbook. Syntax and Arguments The syntax is simple: =TODAY() The function does not use argument. Using the TODAY function in Excel By default, the TODAY function gets the current date and returns the standard Excel date as a … Read more


excel sequence function

The Excel SEQUENCE function is a part of dynamic array functions, and it generates a list of sequential numbers in an array. Using the SEQUENCE function arguments, you can create two types of arrays: one-dimensional (single row or single column) and two-dimensional. SEQUENCE function is only available for Microsoft 365 users. The function returns an … Read more

AREAS function

excel areas function

The Excel AREAS function counts the number of areas in a given reference. For example, =AREAS((A1:B1, A2:B2, A3:B3)) returns 3. How to use the Excel AREAS function The purpose of the functions is to return the number of areas in a reference. The function is available in Excel 2003 and above. Adjacent ranges are separate … Read more

IFNA Function

excel ifna function

The Excel IFNA function returns a user-defined value if a formula results in an #N/A (value not found) error. IFNA is a part of the logical functions and is compatible with Excel 2013 and above. How to use the IFNA Function in Excel? As stated above, the IFNA function’s main goal is to replace the … Read more

Function arguments

excel function arguments

A function argument is a comma-separated input inside the function. Learn how to use the Excel Function Dialog Box to edit them. For example, the XLOOKUP function takes six arguments: =XLOOKUP(lookup_value, lookup_array, return_array, [if_not_found], [match_mode], [search_mode]) If you look at the function, three arguments are required, and another three are optional. For example, in the … Read more

Boolean logic

boolean logic excel 2

Based on the Boolean logic in Excel, all mathematical expressions will be simplified to 0 (FALSE) or 1 (TRUE) values. For the sake of simplicity, let us see an example of how to convert a math operation, TRUE and FALSE values into 1’s and 0’s. There are only two types of output: 0 or 1. … Read more

Excel FALSE Function

excel false function

The Excel FALSE function is a compatibility function and returns with the FALSE output. The FALSE Formula in Excel requires no arguments. The FALSE function’s purpose is to generate the FALSE logical value. How the FALSE function works The syntax is simple: =FALSE() Take a closer look at the function! It uses no arguments, like … Read more

AND Function

The Excel AND function is one of the logical functions. Learn how to determine if all conditions in a test are TRUE. Using Excel AND Function Here is how the AND function works: The AND function tests multiple conditions with AND and returns TRUE if all arguments evaluate TRUE; FALSE if not. The goal of … Read more

XLOOKUP Add-in for Excel 2013, 2016 and 2019

xlookup add-in

The XLOOKUP add-in enables you to use the only Microsoft 365 compatible function under Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, and Excel 2019. Everyone wants to use XLOOKUP. However, if you are not a Microsoft 365 subscriber, we have some good news: Our add-in uses a user-defined function to keep your Excel up to date. … Read more

Excel Transpose Function

transpose excel main

The TRANSPOSE function swaps a vertical range to a horizontal range and switches rows to columns but keeps the data structure.