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How to use Conditional Formatting

how to use conditional formatting and formulas in Excel with examples

Conditional formatting offers a wide range of possibilities for Excel users. Learn the key skills and take a deep dive into the examples!

Excel Chart Templates


Data visualization ideas, charts, and graphs in Excel! Read our definitive guide and download the ready-to-use templates!


excel add-ins and office productivity suite

Welcome to our Excel add-ins section. You can find here commercial and free charting and productivity tools for Microsoft Excel.

Data visualization

Microsoft Excel provides unlimited possibilities to create custom charts and graphs. We dedicated this topic to data visualization solutions and ideas. If you want to learn something new, you can dive deeply into this world.

Radial Bar Chart

radial bar chart excel

Data visualization is king! Learn how to create a radial bar chart in Excel to compare sales performance.

Marimekko Chart

marimekko chart excel

Mekko charts help you to create market segmentation maps using easy-to-understandable visualization.

Dynamic Charts

dynamic charts in excel

Dynamic charts help us to improve the quality of data visualization. In this post, we will show you the most used solutions in Excel.

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Sales Funnel Dashboard Template

sales funnel dashboard template

The sales funnel is a visual guide that tells a story from the first call to the completed purchase and tracks the process using a pipeline!

GoSkills has a range of Excel courses for beginners who want to grasp the essentials of formatting, functions, and formulas; and for mavens who want to automate with macros & VBA, analyze big data and produce business intelligence dashboards with Power Query and Power Pivot.