Marimekko Chart

marimekko chart excel

Today’s guide will be on how to create a Marimekko Chart in Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Microsoft365. If you want to learn more about building advanced charts using Microsoft Excel, visit our chart templates section. Marimekko Chart: The Basics The Marimekko chart provides a quick overview of the market share and has … Read more

15 Ways to Clean Data in Excel

how to clean data in Excel

Our definitive guide will show you 15 ways to clean data in Excel. Learn more about data cleansing through useful examples. Clean data and string manipulations in Excel are critical! Besides the well-known techniques, we will introduce special VBA codes to make the process quicker and more effective. Table of contents: Sorting data to check … Read more

Excel Logical test

excel logical test

A logical test in Excel (logical expression) returns only two types of values: TRUE or FALSE. What is a logical test For example, if you want to test that the cell B3 is equal to the string “Product”, use the following formula: =B3=”Product” The formula has two outputs: TRUE or FALSE. Steps to create a … Read more

Quick Access Toolbar

the excel quick access toolbar - customization and guide

The Excel Quick Access Toolbar is ideal for adding your favorite commands or storing macros because it is always visible. Table of contents What is the Quick Access Toolbar? Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar Quick Access Toolbar shortcuts Moving the QAT Add macro to the Quick Access Toolbar What is the Quick Access Toolbar? In … Read more

Wrap Text in Excel

wrap text in Excel - the ultimate guide

Learn how to wrap text in Excel to fit the long content inside the cell and adjust it to show on multiple lines within the cell. Table of contents: What is Text wrap in Excel? Wrap text using Ribbon commands How to use the Excel wrap text shortcut Format cell dialog box Convert large in-cell … Read more

How to select multiple cells in Excel

how to select multiple cells in Excel - Quick Guide

Today’s guide will be about how to select multiple cells in Excel (adjacent or non-adjacent) using the mouse click, Shift, and Control key. Check our easy-to-understand examples! Selecting single or multiple cells is an essential skill in Excel because it stores the values, formulas, or conditional formatting rules in a cell or a range. However, … Read more

Panel Chart Template

final panel chart template

Using a Panel chart (small multiples) is a great decision if you want to compare products or sales and show the data on the same scale. If you create dashboards in Excel, it is important to use space-saving methods and focus on the data. Our step-by-step tutorial shows you how to create a panel chart … Read more

Create a Scroll Bar in Excel

how to create a scroll bar in Excel

The scroll bar in Excel is one of the most useful tools in Form Controls. Using it will save time and get more space if you are using it. The most significant advantage comes when you work with a large data set. You can manage any size list in a small area using scroll bars. … Read more

Interactive Settings Menu for Dashboards

Interactive Settings Menu

If you are working on an excel dashboard, you need to create great-looking navigation. Everyone loves great UX! In today’s guide, I will show you how to build an interactive settings menu for your spreadsheet. Take a close look at the picture below! Take a closer look at the picture below! This simple menu lets … Read more

How to Create a Heat Map in Excel

heat map excel

Use a heat map in Excel to create quick data visualizations! Today’s guide will be about how to build maps using conditional formatting. What is a heat map? Heat Map is the perfect solution for you to highlight the crucial data points in a table or a range. Let us see a simple example: You … Read more

Bullet Graph

bullet graph excel

Bullet Graph is a great data visualization in Excel to show key performance indicators using a quality scale. We will show you how to build a bullet graph in Excel using a few steps. If you need to build a dynamic dashboard in Excel, this chart is yours! How to build a bullet graph in … Read more

Data connections

excel data sources

How to use external data connections in Excel? Today’s tutorial is all about data import (SQL, CSV, and XML) and the managing of data sources. Stay with us! It is not surprising that we rarely store databases and a large amount of raw data in Excel worksheets. The main reason for this is that Excel … Read more

How to Freeze Panes

how to freeze panes

In this tutorial, you will learn how to Freeze Panes to lock specific cells, rows, and columns in place. If you are working with large data tables, this function is yours! When your spreadsheets become beyond control, you should have to freeze the rows and columns. Table of Contents Introducing the Freeze Panes feature in … Read more

Forecast Chart

Learn how to build a forecast chart in Excel! It is a custom combination chart that uses one column and two line charts. In this article, I will show you how to create a simple forecast chart using conditionally formatted colors. What is a forecast chart? Let us see the main task: we want to … Read more

Change Shape Color based on a cell value

Change Shape Color based on a cell value

Learn how to change shape color based on cell value in Excel using a few steps. Get the VBA example or use conditional formatting! This tutorial will explain how to create interactive charts using conditional formatting. Believe it or not, it’s possible to change chart objects’ shape color using VBA tricks! Then, you will learn … Read more

Gauge Chart

gauge chart

The popularity of the gauge chart is indisputable. It’s a combination chart: a doughnut that displays the zones, and a pie chart indicates the actual value. Not only is it used by Excel PowerBI but leading BI providers too. When you look at the above visualizations, it is clear why it is so widely used. … Read more