Color combinations for Dashboards

color combinations for dashboards and palettes

As developers, it’s a challenge to pick the right color combinations for Dashboards. This guide shows the best color schemes and palettes. Before we dive deep into the sea of dashboards, let’s wait a minute! A carefully picked color combination provides a clean look and makes your key performance indicators easily readable. Because every developer … Read more

How to Clean Data in Excel

how to clean data in Excel

Our definitive guide will show you 15 ways to clean data in Excel. Learn more about data cleansing through useful examples. Clean data and string manipulation formulas in Excel are critical! Besides the well-known techniques, we will introduce special VBA codes to make the process quicker and more effective. Table of contents: Introduction to Data … Read more


excel wildcard

Excel wildcard is a special character that helps you find text values that are approximately similar but are not exactly the same. In other words, you can use fuzzy matching with wildcards. In the example above, we want to summarize values in the sales column where the product name starts with ‘A.’ The formula looks … Read more

Excel Logical test

excel logical test

A logical test in Excel (logical expression) returns only two types of values: TRUE or FALSE. Table of contents: What is a logical test? For example, if you want to test that cell B3 is equal to the string “Product”, use the following formula: =B3=”Product” The formula has two outputs: TRUE or FALSE. Steps to … Read more

Quick Access Toolbar

the excel quick access toolbar - customization and guide

The Excel Quick Access Toolbar is ideal for adding your favorite commands or storing macros because it is always visible. Table of contents What is the Quick Access Toolbar? In a nutshell, let us see what you should know about the Quick Access Toolbar: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar Here are the steps to add … Read more

Wrap Text in Excel

wrap text in Excel - the ultimate guide

Learn how to wrap text in Excel to fit the long content inside the cell and adjust it to show multiple lines within the cell. Table of contents: What is Text Wrap? In Excel, sometimes you need to work with long text. The text wrap function helps you if you want to keep the content … Read more

How to select multiple cells in Excel

how to select multiple cells in Excel - Quick Guide

Today’s guide will be about how to select multiple cells in Excel (adjacent or non-adjacent) using the mouse click, Shift, and Control keys. Check our easy-to-understand examples! Selecting single or multiple cells is essential in Excel because it stores the values, formulas, or conditional formatting rules in a cell or a range. However, it looks … Read more

Conditional Formatting based on another cell

conditional formatting based on another cell

Learn how to use conditional formatting based on another cell and create a rule that depends on another cell value in Excel. Conditional formatting enables us to determine highlights based on the value of a referred cell. In the referred cell, we can modify the values arbitrarily. If the value changes, then the highlight of … Read more

Multiple Conditions (Conditional Formatting)

multiple conditions in excel conditional formatting

Learn how to use multiple conditions and formulas in conditional formatting to apply multiple criteria (AND, OR, LEFT, RIGHT) to a single cell or a range. Now let’s talk about the logical functions. In this section, we’ll show you how to create effective formulas to build a complex rule. First, we will create a new … Read more

Color ranking

color ranking in excel

Learn how to combine the Excel RANK function to determine the sorting order using colors.

Stop If True

how to manage multiple rules using stop if true

How to use the Stop If True rule in Excel to ignore the other rules?

Multiple Rules Hierarchy

Using multiple rules in Excel conditional formatting is not rocket science. Learn how the rules hierarchy and overlapping are works. If you are not familiar with the hierarchy and rules overlapping, this article is yours! What is this mean? The rules are subordinate to each other. Is more rule applying to one cell than Excel … Read more