Customer Service Dashboard Template

Learn how to use a customer service dashboard template to track and measure activities on a single screen.

Providing great customer service is important, and you need to check your company’s customer support KPIs. Then, identify what you need to improve and do the right things!

You should focus on what you want to track and how to do it. So, use key performance indicators! For example, if you are in customer service, you need to know which reps respond quickly. If the first response time looks good, you can improve your customer satisfaction. Analyzing the results of each metrics can help team managers to identify the weak points and focus on the necessary training. All demonstrated KPI is perfect for call centers.

We have a definitive guide about Excel Dashboard, so, in this case, we will take a quick overview of the possible solutions in Microsoft Excel. Handling and processing large data sets is not an easy task; you learn how to manage a large call records database with simple formulas.

Decision support: What do you want to show

As first, create a wireframe using custom shapes. It can help! Our goal is to track customer service performance using different locations and products. If you download the practice file, you will see why it is worth using Excel tables. Tip: you can manage large data sets easily using Tables.

Our table contains the headers below:

  • Products
  • Timestamp
  • Category
  • Call Duration
  • Resolved Calls
  • Satisfaction Index

Setting up KPIs for Customer Services

Let us see the industry standards for each KPI. Excel has a wide range of tools to highlight data and show the high or low values. Using conditional formatting rules, you can set up the accepted values, ranges, and colors, like the example below. Show the result using red, amber, and green regardless of RAG reporting.

Create a new rule, and under the ‘Select a Rule Type’ group, choose ‘Format all cells based on their values.’ Use icon sets, and select your preferred icon style.

Use the following setup for ‘resolved calls’:

useful conditional formatting tricks

When the cell value is greater than equal than 0.96 (96%), Excel will display the green icon. If the value is less than 96% but greater than 92%, the cell is yellow. Under 92%, this KPI is really bad, so we are using a red traffic light icon.

Click OK to validate the rule.

Customer Service: Performance Comparison

The second part of the template enables you to compare the customer service performance side-by-side. In the example below, you will show the resolved calls between the selected locations. To do that, use a drop-down list.

On the header, you can see the overall performance; it is 95.9%. The main indicator is yellow because you added 96% as a limit for the green range.

But why we see a green flag (great performance, in this case) for the selected locations? The answer is simple. The first row represents all call records, and there are some weak results like Chicago and Philadelphia.

analyze resolved calls by location comparison

Data Visualization using linked pictures

Just a few words about the comparison charts! You can combine and show different KPIs on a small area; it is worth using the linked picture method.

The two drop-down lists enable us to use many options of comparisons. However, to display the chart in seconds, you need to find a tricky way to use linked pictures.

You need to use a helper sheet, Calculations. First, create the charts, then copy them, finally use a ‘Paste as Linked Picture’ option from the context menu. It is a simple and effective way to show various charts in the same small space.

Download the Workbook.

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