HR KPI Scorecard

Our goal is to support HR departments that use KPIs to optimize main processes, recruiting through an HR KPI Scorecard.

If you are looking for a simple but useful dashboard template, you are at the right place.

HR KPI Scorecard: Metrics

Key Performance indicators play an important role, and we will show the frequently used HR metrics:

  • Training effectiveness can help us what parts of the training works well and what parts need to improve.
  • Acceptance Ratio is 80% if we have ten candidates, and eight candidates accepted job offers in the period.
  • 90-day quit rate uses the formula: (terminated contracts / new hires) * 100
  • Absence Rate: the number of absence days as a percentage of workdays.
  • Absence Cost is the cost of an employee’s habitual absence from work.
  • Benefits satisfaction is the level of contentment employees feel with their job.
  • Productivity rate: It’s simply: Output / Hours worked
  • Satisfaction index: gives us feedback on how satisfied employees are with their current situation.
  • The engagement index results from a survey in which employees assess their engagement at work.
  • Internal promotion rate evaluates the rate at which open positions are filled using an internal promotion within the organization.
  • Net Promoter Score: We are using it with a single-question survey.
  • Quality of hire shows how much a new hire contributes to company success.
  • Turnover rate is the % of employees left a company within a given period.

Under the Hood

Let’s take a quick overview!

  • Drop-down list: If you want to create a kpi scorecard, you should use a drop-down list. This small form control helps us to select the month that we want to display. For example, we are using 12 months to track and analyze the KPIs as mentioned earlier.
drop-down list function
  • Take a closer look at the data visualization. In this case, you can find useful information on it. Our HR KPI template displays the indicator’s name, actual value, and trends using a panel chart style. We need to show the variance between the actual months and previous months also.
scorecard widgets

Conditional formatting is a must-have tool if you want to highlight cells. So, if you find a space-saving solution, use scorecards to present your data.

The template is free and ready to use. Download the practice file and check the details.

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