How to Make an Org Chart in Excel

The first part of the tutorial is a step-by-step guide. With its help, you will able to build your very own hierarchical org chart in Excel using employee data. The second part of the guide will be about a VBA solution. You will learn how to speed up the task with our free add-in. The org chart maker tool is quick, easy, and completely free. Speed up the process using an organizational chart add-in for with only a push of a button.

What is an Org Chart? How to use it?

The organizational charts (alias org chart) are useful for building a visual overview of the department’s structure.

What purpose does an organizational chart serve?

If you are in HR, your main task is to creating and updating the org chart. Managers and business unit leaders need a regularly updated organization chart. A well-made chart helps the stakeholders to build a presentation about the company structure.

How to Build Organizational Charts in Excel

1. Insert a SmartArt (Shape)

First, create a blank new Worksheet. Go to the ribbon and click the Insert tab. Select the Illustration Group and insert a SmartArt in your Excel worksheet. You can use a built-in org chart template. Pick the preferred layout!

how to insert a smartart into excel

2. Type your text

Now you have selected your org chart template. Click into any shape and enter the text what you want to display. On the left side, you can see the raw list with the default name. Fill the textbox with the names or positions.

enter the text into a box

3. Customize the organizational chart hierarchy

If you want to change the org chart structure, you have to select the shape first. After that, you can use the following buttons using the Create Graphic Group under the SmartArt Tools Design tab. Let us see the main controls:

  • Promote: Increase the level of the selected shapes. This option is most useful if you with the Text Pane. (Move the member up in the org chart)
  • Demote: Decrease the level of the selected shape or bullet.
  • Move up: Move the selection forward but keep the current level
  • Move down: Move the selected shape backward in the sequence but keep the current level
Customize the organizational chart hierarchy

4. Add or Remove Shapes to modify the Chart

It may occur that you need to expand your org chart. In the example, you need to insert a new employee under Finance. For example, you need to hire an assistant. Click on the existing shape, in this case, Finance. Select the SmartArt Tools Design tab and click on the ‘Add Shape’ button. Enter the name of the new position using the Text Pane. That is all!

add a new member to the organization

5. Format your Org Chart

If you have to change the design of your organizational chart, there are some options to do that. With a few clicks, you can change the colors and fonts. Furthermore, change the size of the shapes manually. These options are available under the SmartArt Tools Design Tab.

Format your Org Chart

How to Create an Org Chart using Free Add-in

Save your time and boost productivity using the VBA-powered organizational chart builder. This video will explain how the chart builder works.

1. Setting up the Org Chart Add-in

Installing an Excel add-in is a simple task.

org chart excel add-in user interface

In this section, we will explain how to generate an org chart using VBA without any Excel skills. Sounds good! We provide an export function for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

2. Preparing Data

In the example, we’ve built a sample data set. In the figure below, we show that to draw the template in what order, we have to supply the base data. Please look at this carefully because the properly arranged list is important.

sample organizational chart template v2

3. Generate the Chart

The main question: how to build an organizational chart asap?

  1. Place your data in a blank new Worksheet
  2. Select the data table
  3. Click on the Org Chart button!

It’s easy! The chart will be ready in a second!

In the picture below, we will show you a five-level structure. On the top level of the organizational chart, there are the managers. Each and every manager has one or more members (as it can be observed in real life). On the second to fifth levels of the structure, there are employees; the nature of the relation can be 1:1 or 1:N.

Just a few words about relations: you don’t have to think of anything complicated. The relation 1:1 means that one employee belongs to one manager. The relation 1:N means that one manager can be responsible for more employees.

organizational chart structure in excel final

4. Format Shape and Structure

The add-in is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel and SmartArt. You can use the built-in format shape options! Change your organization structure with a single click!

Stay tuned.

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