Waterfall Chart

waterfall chart excel

Excel waterfall chart (bridge chart) shows how a start value is raised and reduced, leading to a final result.

Pareto Chart template

pareto chart template in excel

The Pareto Chart uses bar graphs to show the relative portion of each factor to the total and identify the most significant factor.

Progress Bar – Score Meter Chart

progress bar score meter chart final

The Excel Progress Bar (or score meter chart) is a stacked bar-based graph that displays a single variable on a percentage or quality scale.

Bubble Chart

how to create bubble chart in Excel

Learn how to create a custom bubble chart based on a scatter plot in Excel to visualize your data over time.

Stream Graph


Using a stream graph in Excel, you can visualize multiple categories and easily recognize highs, lows, and patterns.

Waffle Chart

waffle chart excel

A waffle chart in Excel adds the beauty of the visualization to the advancement path directed to your target.

Progress Circle Chart

progress circle chart in excel

The progress circle chart displays the percentage completion towards a goal. We’ll use special formatting tricks in Excel.

Radial Bar Chart

radial bar chart excel

Data visualization is king! Learn how to create a radial bar chart in Excel to compare sales performance.

Panel Chart Template

final panel chart template

Using a Panel chart (small multiples) is a great decision if you want to compare products or sales and show the data on the same scale.

Traffic Light Widget

traffic light widget

Learn how to use traffic lights in Excel! Traffic lights are built for performance tracking and enable you to display project status effectively. In most cases, it’s not easy to create a native traffic light in Excel. Instead, you can use conditional formatting, shapes, named ranges, and linked pictures; if you are not in a … Read more