Bullet Graph

bullet graph excel

A bullet graph is a great data visualization in Excel to show key performance indicators using a quality scale. We will show you how to build a bullet graph in Excel using a few steps. A bullet chart is an industry-standard and widely accepted tool for displaying the differences between plan / actual values. If … Read more

Forecast Chart

Learn how to build a forecast chart in Excel! It is a custom combination chart that uses one column and two line charts. This article will show you how to create a simple forecast chart using conditionally formatted colors. What is a forecast chart? Let us see the main task: we want to show the … Read more

Dynamic Charts

dynamic charts in excel

Dynamic charts help us to improve the quality of data visualization. In this post, we will show you the most used solutions in Excel.


infographics excel

Today’s guide will be all about Excel infographics. Excel is perfect for the task! We can use shapes, widgets, drawings, or texts to build a great data visualization. What are Infographics? Infographics are a collection of graphs and charts that give an easy-to-understand visual overview of data. No, we are not talking about a simple … Read more

How to Make an Org Chart in Excel

how to make an organizational chart structure in excel step by step

Learn how to make an org chart in Excel. Then, speed up the process using ExcelKid’s free organizational chart template add-in! The first part of the tutorial is a step-by-step guide. With its help, you will build your hierarchical org chart template in Excel using employee data. The second part of the guide will be … Read more

Change Shape Color based on a cell value

Change Shape Color based on a cell value

Use a few steps to learn how to change shape color based on cell value in Excel. Get the VBA example or use conditional formatting! This tutorial will explain how to create interactive charts using conditional formatting. Believe it or not, changing chart objects’ shape color is possible using VBA tricks! Then, you will learn … Read more

Sparklines in Excel

excel sparklines

How to insert sparklines in Excel? In this article, you will learn all about sparklines. Get some useful examples! Now, I have created this post to be a follow-along lesson. You can download the Excel file that I used during the article. Sparklines are in-cell Excel charts, and we use these graphs to show variance … Read more