Today’s guide will be all about Excel infographics. Excel is perfect for the task! To build a great data visualization, we can use shapes, widgets, drawings, or texts.

What are Infographics?

Infographics are a collection of graphs, charts that give an easy-to-understand visual overview of data. No, we are not talking about a simple photo. It is more complex than a drawing and more informative than an Excel chart or a printed out document. A well-chosen infographic is attention-grabbing.

How to use infographics?

If you want to build an excel dashboard, we recommend you use it! The biggest advantage of an infographic is that it can display the data in a relatively small space. This is the main cause of using more and more infographics on newspapers’ pages, and it is spread quickly in online media.

A gauge chart is a great solution to show performance using a single value. If you are building KPIs, use infographics to show the key metrics and trends. Are you an Excel guru? Try to create a great looking scorecard using color-based shapes or heat maps.

Just a few words about how to start your do it yourself project. In the planning phase, sketch up the wireframe. You should know about all the information you would like to show! Divide your infographics into parts or even smaller or bigger units – no more boring reports.

Download Infographic Templates

In this section, you can download useful Excel infographics templates.

People Graph in Excel

Let us see the first example! This Excel infographic is one of my personal favorites. We love it! If you are in the HR area, this graph is yours! People graph is a built-in add-in in Office365. It is small but provides great options to build dynamic charts. The infographic contains much more information so that it is easy for you to tell a story based on your data. The app provides three chart types, seven themes for each type, and 16 shapes.

Looks great!


Okay, in the example, we will create a sales scorecard using the People graph. If you want to track your website performance using a creative way, this type of infographic is perfect for you.

add infographic style people graph

Click on the ribbon and select the Insert tab. Choose the People Graph icon. The add-in comes with sample data, but you can replace them easily. Arrange your data into two columns and select the range. Just a few clicks, and your data will be converted into a great infographic.

Medical Infographic Template

This is a very special topic, and it’s hard to find great infographics for Excel. Until now. You only need a cool idea. Building a heat map style chart is not rocket science. Follow the steps below.

medical infographic template

As first, insert a shape that contains the parts of the human body. After that, create a table and split the range (numbers) into a few intervals using the PERCENTILE function. You need to write a small VBA macro to assign the colors to the proper intervals. That’s it! Download the template!

Infographics and Maps

If you are working with sales data, we recommend you create a map to compare values and show the categories across regions. Our goal is to color every single state according to the revenue. We need to group shapes, and we will get one infographic style heat map like this template below:

maps infographics

Download the templates

Battery Chart Infographic

The trick will be very easy. From the Excel chart types, choose the column chart and set its values so that the smallest displayable value is 0 and the largest is 100. This will represent our scale.

The goal here we are aiming for is to make a battery chart, so let’s find a battery shape that is actually a frame; the inside part of the battery is transparent. We will place the column chart behind this exactly in the position so that the frame covers the chart. So it will appear that the shape and the diagram form unity.

battery chart

Finally, insert a textbox that will display the current value. After that, we set the background of the textbox transparent. This is how simple this is! Get the example!

Conclusion: Use creative Infographics

Excel offers many tools to transform a simple chart into modern infographics. When the idea is born, create a sketch, choose your preferred colors, and pick a font style. Connect your data to the graph and create a never seen before visualizations!

Learn more about chart templates and stay tuned.