Regex Add-in for Excel

regex add-in for excel

The RegEx add-in for Excel enables you to use Microsoft 365 functions under Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, and Excel 2019.

Filter Shortcut


Discover the most wanted Excel filter shortcut list! Apply or remove filtering and sort your data through useful examples.

Shortcut To Toggle Between Absolute and Relative References

shortcut to toggle between absolute and relative references

This guide will teach you how to use the F4 keyboard shortcut to toggle between absolute and relative references. In the previous lessons, you have learned how to use the absolute, relative, and mixed references in Excel. What if you want to switch between references and do not want to type the dollar sign ($) … Read more

Insert Table Shortcuts

excel insert table shortcuts

Learn how to use the insert table shortcuts in Excel to speed up this frequently used task through examples. When you are working with an Excel Table, you should know how to perform the task faster. Today’s quick guide will be about the most used table-related shortcuts. How to insert a Table in Excel using … Read more

Repeat last action

The repeat last action shortcut in Excel will repeat the previous command when it is available. Read more about the trick through examples! The repeat last action shortcut is: Windows Mac If you prefer to use the mouse, click Repeat on the Quick Access Toolbar. In the next section, you will learn how to do … Read more

Shortcut to close Excel

close excel shortcut

This guide will explain how to use a shortcut to close Excel or a Workbook. If you are working with Excel, we recommend you use shortcuts. How to close Excel using a shortcut On Windows, use the Alt + F4 shortcut to close Excel. On a Mac, use the Command + Q. You can open … Read more

Superscript in Excel

superscript in excel

Excel Superscript is similar to the subscript function. Learn how to format a character slightly above the baseline through useful examples. What is Superscript in Excel? We use superscript in Excel to transform a number or text value into smaller fonts above the selected numbers and text. In most cases, we use this feature to … Read more

Zoom Shortcut

excel zoom shortcut

Learn how to use the Excel Zoom Shortcut to zoom in and out while using your Workbook. Then, we’ll show you the fastest ways! Excel Shortcuts to Zoom In or Out (Keyboard, Mouse, and Keystrokes) The first question: Where do you find the zoom command in Excel? Take a closer look at the bottom-right corner … Read more

Fill Color Shortcut

excel fill color shortcut

Learn how to apply the Excel fill color shortcut to change a cell’s background or shading colors using various methods. In this guide, all demonstrated fill color shortcuts are for Excel for Windows versions 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Microsoft 365. If you are looking for keyboard shortcuts to fill a cell quickly, you are … Read more

Subscript in Excel

subscript in Excel

Subscript in Excel is a quick formatting option to decrease the size of a text or a number. Thus, after the operation, the text is smaller. There are various methods to apply subscript in Excel: apply shortcuts and custom cell formatting, then use the subscript checkbox. Good news: The shortcut is not short in this … Read more

Fill Down Shortcut

how to use the fill down shortcut

Use the Excel Fill Down Shortcut or the AutoFill function to copy data to multiple cells through useful examples. This guide will show you how to enable the Fill Down feature using a keyboard shortcut or mouse from Excel 2010 to Microsoft 365 and Mac Excel. How to use the Fill Down Shortcut Steps to … Read more

Edit Cell Shortcut

edit cell shortcut excel feat

This tutorial will take you step-by-step through everything you need to know to use the Edit Cell Shortcut in Excel. If you are using Excel keyboard shortcuts to save your time, this article is yours. Editing cell is a basic operation in Excel. Today, we will discover and show you the best methods to edit … Read more