Color combinations for Dashboards

color combinations for dashboards and palettes

As developers, it’s a challenge to pick the right color combinations for Dashboards. This guide shows the best color schemes and palettes. Before we take a deep dive into the sea of dashboards, let’s wait a minute! A carefully picked color combination provides a clean look and makes your key performance indicators easily readable. Because … Read more


excel wildcard

Excel wildcard is a special character that helps you find text values that are approximately similar but are not exactly the same. In other words, you can use fuzzy matching with wildcards. In the example above, we want to summarize values in the sales column where the product name starts with ‘A.’ The formula looks … Read more

Sales Funnel Dashboard Template

sales funnel dashboard template

The sales funnel is a visual guide that tells a story from the first call to the completed purchase and tracks the process using a pipeline! At the beginning of the article, you’ll get a quick overview of how the sales funnel works. After that, you’ll learn how to build a sales funnel chart using … Read more

Profit and Loss Statement Template

profit loss statement dashboard template

A profit and loss statement template shows a company’s income versus expenses over a period. P&L statements can compare business performance over a month, a quarter, or a year. Furthermore, effectively review cash flow and predict future business performance. Today’s guide will be about how to show your data using Excel. Our profit and loss … Read more

Customer Service Dashboard Template

customer service dashboard template excel example

Learn how to use a customer service dashboard template to track and measure activities on a single screen. Providing great customer service is important, and you need to check your company’s customer support KPIs. Then, identify what you need to improve and do the right things! You should focus on what you want to track … Read more

HR KPI Scorecard

hr kpi scorecard excel template

Our goal is to support HR departments that use KPIs to optimize main processes, recruiting through an HR KPI Scorecard. If you are looking for a simple but useful dashboard template, you are at the right place. HR KPI Scorecard: Metrics Key Performance indicators play an important role, and we will show the frequently used … Read more

Call Center Performance Dashboard


Excel Dashboards are great for tracking call center performance. Take a closer look at this KPI template and download the practice file. The task is simple. Create a simple template using a weekly basis to take a quick overview of the call center’s performance. This article is a part of our Excel dashboard tutorial. How … Read more

Screen Tips for Excel Reports

In this article, we’ll show you how to build interactive screen tips for your Excel reports. A great user guide is a key element if you want to enhance the user experience (UX). The most important function of the interactive screen tips is to tell your story at a higher level using an excel dashboard. … Read more

25 Actionable Tips for Excel Tables

excel tables tutorial

Use Excel Tables to simplify your work! Learn how to create dynamic ranges, easy-to-read formulas using a table. In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to add new data to a range or how to manage Tables. Keep your formulas ready for auditing! This guide provides useful tricks and examples. Fundamentals of Excel Tables Creating an … Read more

Traffic Light Widget

traffic light widget

Learn how to use traffic lights in Excel! Traffic lights are built for performance tracking and enable you to display project status effectively. In most cases, it’s not easy to create a native traffic light in Excel. Instead, you can use conditional formatting, shapes, named ranges, and linked pictures; if you are not in a … Read more

How to remove duplicates in Excel


Learn how to find, filter, and remove duplicates in Excel using quick and creative methods. If you are working with large data tables, it’s helpful to find unique values or remove duplicate values. Our goal is to show you how to use Excel’s built-in data cleansing tools to find unique values in single or multiple … Read more

Dynamic Charts

dynamic charts in excel

Dynamic charts help us to improve the quality of data visualization. In this post, we will show you the most used solutions in Excel. Use these methods and save your time. Good to know that a great-looking dynamic chart is a key element of a dashboard. Compare Yearly Sales using dynamic charts Let us see … Read more


infographics excel

Today’s guide will be all about Excel infographics. Excel is perfect for the task! We can use shapes, widgets, drawings, or texts to build a great data visualization. What are Infographics? Infographics are a collection of graphs, charts that give an easy-to-understand visual overview of data. No, we are not talking about a simple photo. … Read more

How to Make an Org Chart in Excel

how to make an organizational chart structure in excel step by step

Learn how to make an org chart in Excel. Speed up the process using ExcelKid’s free organizational chart template add-in! The first part of the tutorial is a step-by-step guide. With its help, you will build your very own hierarchical org chart template in Excel using employee data. The second part of the guide will … Read more

Project Management Excel Templates

project management excel templates

In this article, you’ll discover the best free project management templates in Excel that you can edit and download. The bundle will help you track the actual status of the project. Furthermore, you can manage risks and communicate progress for your team members and project owners. What are you waiting for? Browse and download useful … Read more

Key Performance Indicators

key performance indicators

In this article, you will learn about key performance indicators. Is it easy to create a kpi? From the technological view, yes. Before we take a deep dive, just a few words about creating a useful KPI. Prepare these four metrics below: Actual value: namely where we stand now. Plan value: namely where we plan … Read more