How to Make an Org Chart in Excel

how to make an organizational chart structure in excel step by step

The first part of the tutorial is a step-by-step guide. With its help, you will able to build your very own hierarchical org chart in Excel using employee data. The second part of the guide will be about a VBA solution. You will learn how to speed up the task with our free add-in. The … Read more

Project Management Excel Templates

project management excel templates

In this article, you’ll discover the best free project management templates in Excel that you can edit and download. The bundle will help you track the actual status of the project. Furthermore, you can manage risks and communicate progress for your team members and project owners. What are you waiting for? Browse and download useful … Read more

Key Performance Indicators

key performance indicators

In this article, you will learn about key performance indicators. Is it easy to create a kpi? From the technological view, yes. Before we take a deep dive, just a few words about how to create a useful KPI. Prepare these four metrics below: Current value: namely where we stand now. Plan value: namely where … Read more