Excel Cut Shortcut

Use the Excel Ctrl + X cut shortcut to move the selected content, formatting styles, and formulas, or use the same shortcut on Mac.

Once your data is in the clipboard, use the paste values shortcut or the paste special command.

Windows Shortcut

Ctrl X

Mac Shortcut

Ctrl X

How the cut function work

The most important thing is to know the basics.

Differences between the cut and copy operations:

The cut shortcut in Excel removes the selected data (text, formula, or cell borders) from its original position. The copy command creates a duplicate; it does not remove the selected data from the original location.

Good to know that in both cases, the selected data (cell or a range of cells) remain in the clipboard.

Excel Cut Shortcut Examples

Let us see the frequently used operations! Okay, we can cut almost everything in Excel: cells, ranges, charts, pivot tables, conditionally formatted cells, etc.

Example: Use the Cut Shortcut to cut (move) data in Excel

In the example, you want to cut the data in range A2:A5.

1. Select the range

select data to cut

2. Press Ctrl + X to move the data to the clipboard. A dotted green border will appear around the cells.

use ctrl + x

3. Select the top-left corner of the destination range; in this example, cell D2.

cut shortcut move range

4. Press Ctrl + V to paste the data. Excel has moved the data from range A2:A5 to range D2:D5.

paste values

Example: Cut Shortcut does not work in multiple range selections

What if you want to select multiple cells and cut them? You can do that in Excel: Hold the control key and select multiple ranges using the mouse.

Now try to use the cut shortcut: Ctrl + X.

Excel shows a message box: “This can’t be done on a multiple range selection. Select a single range and try again”.

excel cut shortcut not work

So, in this case, you can’t use the cut function.

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