Chart Tools for Mac

Our professional chart add-in runs great on Mac Excel! In addition, you can use various chart types and stunning live widgets! So if you have a Mac and want to build stunning dashboards in minutes, this utility is yours!

  • One-time fee, NO subscription
  • Zero programming skills required
  • Lifetime FREE updates
  • Compatible with Excel for Mac 2016 up to Office365 (Microsoft365)
  • Various chart types in a single click
  • Please read the FAQ before buying the tool
  • Gauge and Dual Gauge Chart (up to 12 zones)
  • Radial Bar Chart, Bullet Chart, Score Meter Chart (horizontal)
  • Traffic Light Widget, Waterfall Charts
  • Cycle Plot, Ring Chart
  • Advanced Variance Charts
  • Mekko Chart, Sales Funnel
  • TreeMap, Frequency Distribution



UDT for Windows


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UDT for Mac


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UDT (Win & Mac)


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Mac Chart Examples

Dual Gauge


Polar Area

polar area for mac

Sales Pipeline


Bullet Graph

bullet graph for mac

Waterfall Charts


Variance Charts


Mekko Graph