Ultimate Dashboard Tools .NET

Our new product line will be started in November 2024. We completely changed the programming language from VBA to C# and the .NET ecosystem to provide an enterprise-level solution. The add-in is a high-performance solution for Excel to create advanced charts and graphs in seconds with no code.

If you buy our add-in through Paypal, you’ll get all UDT .NET releases for FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a new product line?

Absolutely. We focus on the C# programming language. Soon, all UDT functions will be integrated.

Should I pay for the next (improved) releases if I purchase the UDT .NET add-in?

No, you will receive the updates for free.

Is it a one-time fee?

Yes, we do not apply subscriptions. We provide lifetime free updates also.

How many gauge charts can I manage?

Not restricted, you can manage any number of charts.


Our add-in is built on the strong foundation of C# and .NET, delivering lightning-fast processing speeds and providing seamless integrations with the Microsoft Excel ecosystem.


Creating and managing multiple speedometers is easy. Using a single form, you can reach all functions.


.NET provides enhanced security; no more VBA macro warnings! We sign all codes using a trusted code signing certificate.

System requirements:

  • Office: Microsoft Office 2013 or newer release (up to Microsoft 365)
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 10, or 11.
  • Software pre-requisites: .NET 4.8 Framework (or above)
  • The add-in is not compatible with Mac